Earn from Automated Forex Trading


We offer an innovative investment platform that will benefit you without the need of specific knowledge and skills. It’s about trading on the Forex market with a Robot, based on a special algorithm. We trade both our own capital and that of our investors through an aggregate PAMM Account. Funds and profits are allocated proportionally.



The average annual return is 150% based on a 10-year period. The percentage varies between 20% and 500%, depending of the year. In the “Real Results” section of our website, you can track our performance from August 2016, to the current moment. The realized profit is over 600%.

%name Earn from Automated Forex Trading



  • Your funds are in a secure place with a state-regulated Broker in segregated bank accounts. The Вroker is an independent financial institution that acts as an intermediary for the execution of transactions in financial instruments and guarantees their execution.
  • The funds are protected by an independent guarantee fund and are in a personal client account, with which only the investor can withdraw, transfer or deposit. The investor can withdraw profit and funds at any time without notifying us.



  • We do not offer a “get rich quick scheme”. Over time, the funds are capitalized and profits grow exponentially.
  • Half of our trades are profitable, half are losing, but the potential profit from each trade is always greater than the potential loss. This means that even if we have more losing trades than winning, the end result will be positive again.
  • Like any investment, this has a risk. At our highest risk of management, the average annual drowndown (temporary loss) is 25%. It varies from 13% to 35%.



  • We only charge a 25% performance fee when we make a profit. If we do not generate profit for our clients, we do not have one too.
  • No experience is required from the investor. The PAMM Account is managed entirely by us.
  • We have no management fees, penalties, termination fees or other hidden fees.
  • The minimum investment is 1000 euros.



  • PAMM ACCOUNT: Percentage Allocation Management Module, also known as Percentage Allocation Money Management is a form of pooled money Forex trading. Learn more.
  • A FOREX ROBOT is software that contains in its algorithm a set of instructions allowing it to make independent solutions for opening, managing and closing orders, sizing risk and controlling a trading account. Learn more.
  • THE FOREX MARKET is the place where banks, businesses, governments, investors and traders exchange and speculate on currencies. It is also called the currency market and it is the world’s most liquid market with an average daily turnover of 5 trillion USD. It is open 24 hours a day, five days a week.
  • FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS: We trade only 4 instruments – EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and GOLD. The first is the most liquid instrument in the entire market, with a daily turnover of 1.2 trillion USD. With it, we make the most trades and profit, and the others serve for diversification of risk and improving the profit curve.


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