About us

AI Capital About Us

AI Capital is a company which develops professional solutions for automated forex trading systems – Expert Advisors or Forex Robots. Our developments are based on years of experience gained after hundreds of hours in front of the financial charts, working with the biggest names in the industry, and professional trading in the largest financial markets in the world. Our services can benefit both people without experience and professional fund managers.

Our systems are designed to trade with the most liquid and popular financial instrument, namely the EUR/USD currency pair. High liquidity and low transaction fees contribute to superior results. The daily volume of transactions for this instrument varies within $ 1 trillion.

We earn only when you earn – unlike most systems, ours are not offered for sale or free use after opening an account with a particular investment firm. These practices rely on generating a large number of transactions. Winners or losers, this is irrelevant to the service provider, where profits are generated on a traded volume and number of transactions. By contrast, AI Capital earns only on the basis of realized profits by the client – an agreed percentage.

AI Capital constantly monitors market trends and optimizes its trading systems.

The algorithms of AI Capital Ltd. are specially developed for our needs, are subject to constant optimization and are protected by the Copyright and Related Rights Act.