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Free Course: Understanding Auto Trading

Description: By signing up for the course you will receive 10 Lessons for 10 days on what to expect, how to deal, what are the common mistakes, even why most of the traders fail using Automated Trading. This course will provide you with knowledge and understanding on how long term […]

Why Drawdown is more important than Profit

Almost every time we read thread that attempts to evaluate Expert Advisors, an EA reviewer website or an EA seller website we realize that most people put the wrong focus in the testing of Expert Advisors. Image you enter an EA seller website or a regular Expert Advisor reviewer website, […]

Compound Interest: The slow, but sure way of making money!

Compound Interest Compound Interest is a mathematical principle that creates those staggering growth curves we have all seen. Understanding Compound Interest is of great importance as a trader because it teaches you many lessons that are critical to internalize if you want to stay on top of your game. It […]